The following was published as part of The Future of Everything’s Ask the Thought Leader series on March 15, 2017. You can read the original here.

“Cities of the future are likely to look very similar to the cities of today, with adaptations to accommodate the latest technological advancements of the time, including autonomous transportation and enhanced internet connectivity. Most planners look three decades out – projection 40 to 50 years out are not typical in the industry.

Looking back at the landscape of America’s suburbs and urban areas in the last fifty years, the landscape has not changed much, with the exception of increased commercial and residential developments. The cities of the future will likely be denser, with some lower-density areas retaining the look and feel of today thanks to strict zoning, and other areas pushing the boundaries of their growth with more progressive codes. Suburban areas will look similar as well, but with more development concentrated near transit hubs.”