The following excerpt is from an article by Lon Cohen that was published by Greater Port Jeff on April 24, 2019. Richard Murdocco of The Foggiest Idea was quoted throughout. You can read the entire piece here.

“It’s refreshing to see that the redevelopment of the upper Port Jeff area finally gaining traction, especially since the area has been economically stagnant for far too long,” said Richard Murdocco, a public policy and planning expert who teaches in the public policy graduate program at Stony Brook University.

Murdocco imagines a balanced approach to the process.

“Smart development near the LIRR can underpin future sustainable growth,” he said.

While Murdocco applauds the new efforts, he cautions about what he calls a “build-it and they will come mentality” when developing transit-oriented developments.

“Policymakers should be realistic with their ambitions,” he said.
He thinks that Port Jefferson might have the right idea in the wrong place.

“While the LIRR is within walking distance of these projects, local usage isn’t quite at the levels we’ve seen in places further west like Mineola – and may never be,” he said.

You can read the entire reported piece by Cohen here.