Don't Blame Zoning for Affordability Issues
Wishing Is No Substitute for Planning

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The fact is, we need 41,429 affordable units to meet the ever-growing demand. A policy solution can’t be wrapped in a feel good online presentation, helmed by the developers and housing advocates.

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On Long Island, it's been said that our environment is our economy, and our economy is the environment. The linkage between land use and water quality is very strong.

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Long Island needs to start diversifying its regional economy if we’re going to shake off the shackles of the recession, and create a region for future generations to grow.
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      Over the years a growing coterie of self-described pro-growth urbanists and like-minded real estate experts have turned up their noses on suburban land-use patterns. They argue that zoning—a local municipality’s power to determine land usage—is not only restricting Long Island’s ability to grow, but also to be affordable. If zoning were...
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    • Letter to the Editor – New York Daily News: In the Zone

      The following appeared in the April 18, 2015 edition of the New York Daily News on page 25. You can read the original here. Syosset, L.I.: Re “The unkindest cut” (editorial, April 16): The conversion of valuable industrial and manufacturing sectors to residential use in New York City is troubling,...
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      The following was written for the Long Island Press. The original piece can be read here. After decades lost in strife, the barren Cerro Wire property in Syosset may finally get a transformation the community can embrace. Now there’s a plan to build a “walkable village” with more than 600...
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    • Wishing is No Substitute for Planning

      Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone’s Connect Long Island idea has become a project that relies upon assumptions instead of realities. What started as a relatively simple concept, employing Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) lines to connect downtown areas with research centers and employment hubs, has evolved into so much more. When...
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I am a Long Islander who shares my passion with the rest of the Island.

The goal of my writing is to put both my education and experience in land use to work. I feel that Long Island’s residents are the most important resource this region has. Long Island has complex challenges that unfortunately, have been the status quo for decades.

In 2010, I set out to create a public resource for information on Long Island’s land use issues, available to all who are interested. The Foggiest Idea was created to provide simple, easily approachable insights to Long Island’s complex issues.


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