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The fact is, we need 41,429 affordable units to meet the ever-growing demand. A policy solution can’t be wrapped in a feel good online presentation, helmed by the developers and housing advocates.

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On Long Island, it's been said that our environment is our economy, and our economy is the environment. The linkage between land use and water quality is very strong.

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Long Island needs to start diversifying its regional economy if we’re going to shake off the shackles of the recession, and create a region for future generations to grow.
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    • Elephants in the Room

      If you follow @TheFoggiestIdea on Twitter, you know that it has been a busy two days. Two events, one aimed at shaping the future of Long Island and the other to study where we have been/where we are going, were held. On Monday, Destination LI held its #LIREDI conference, which focused on...
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    • Consider the Source

      In the Oct. 3 edition of LIBN, fellow policy writer Martin Cantor penned the following: “Naysayers get caught in the weeds of survey methodology as justification for ignoring them but the trending message that two recent surveys send shouldn’t be overlooked by public policy makers.”  I, and other professionals like...
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    • The Foggiest Five: Hilary Topper, President, HJMT Public Relations Inc.

      The following are answers to The Foggiest Five, a set of questions asked to influential Long Islanders on the future of the region. This round features answers from Hilary Topper, CEO of HJMT Public Relations Inc. The views presented are the author’s alone, and do not represent those of The Foggiest...
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    • The Root Cause of Resident Concern

      As any driver in Nassau and Suffolk County knows, Long Island’s roads are crumbling. Nassau County is taking steps to rehabilitate county roadways, but it seems their methods have been mired in controversy thanks to large-scale tree removal efforts that have been undertaken in recent months. First there was Seaford,...
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    • An Open Letter to Martin Cantor of Destination Long Island

      The following was written in response to a recent Long Island Business News Op-Ed authored by Destination LI’s Chief Economist Martin Cantor. To the Editor: In the October 3rd edition of LIBN, I was stunned to read fellow policy writer Martin Cantor pen the following words: “Naysayers get caught in...
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I am a Long Islander who shares my passion with the rest of the Island.

The goal of my writing is to put both my education and experience in land use to work. I feel that Long Island’s residents are the most important resource this region has. Long Island has complex challenges that unfortunately, have been the status quo for decades.

In 2010, I set out to create a public resource for information on Long Island’s land use issues, available to all who are interested. The Foggiest Idea was created to provide simple, easily approachable insights to Long Island’s complex issues.


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