The Winds of Change Are Blowing on LI
LI's Developers Need More Community Input, Not PR

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The fact is, we need 41,429 affordable units to meet the ever-growing demand. A policy solution can’t be wrapped in a feel good online presentation, helmed by the developers and housing advocates.

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On Long Island, it's been said that our environment is our economy, and our economy is the environment. The linkage between land use and water quality is very strong.

Long Island's

Long Island needs to start diversifying its regional economy if we’re going to shake off the shackles of the recession, and create a region for future generations to grow.
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      On this date five years ago, I started The Foggiest Idea with the goal of “making Long Island’s complex land use issues approachable to the public.” My first piece was published in my local hometown paper, the Three-Village Times Beacon Record​, and was entitled Redevelopment ‘Comprehensive Plans’ Mislead the Public....
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      Recently, The Foggiest Idea‘s Richard Murdocco was quoted in a Syosset-Jericho Tribune piece entitled Trucks Take Over Local Road by Betsy Abraham and Steve Mosco. The piece was in the September 4, 2015 edition of the paper. An online version of the article can be read here. The quote is copied...
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    • Overwhelming the Water

      The following was written for the September 2015 Issue of Boating Times Long Island. The original can be read here. The gentle lapping of the water against the shoreline is a sound many Long Islanders cherish. Some pay exorbitant amounts of money to live where they may hear it as...
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I am a Long Islander who shares my passion with the rest of the Island.

The goal of my writing is to put both my education and experience in land use to work. I feel that Long Island’s residents are the most important resource this region has. Long Island has complex challenges that unfortunately, have been the status quo for decades.

In 2010, I set out to create a public resource for information on Long Island’s land use issues, available to all who are interested. The Foggiest Idea was created to provide simple, easily approachable insights to Long Island’s complex issues.


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