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A Broader Mix of Housing

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The fact is, we need 41,429 affordable units to meet the ever-growing demand. A policy solution can’t be wrapped in a feel good online presentation, helmed by the developers and housing advocates.

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On Long Island, it's been said that our environment is our economy, and our economy is the environment. The linkage between land use and water quality is very strong.

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Long Island needs to start diversifying its regional economy if we’re going to shake off the shackles of the recession, and create a region for future generations to grow.
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    • Infrastructure Please

      From a local village nestled in the hills of Long Island’s North Shore, all the way up to President Obama giving his State of the Union address, it seems like every policymaker is focusing on America’s crumbling infrastructure.This focus is long overdue. The simple fact is that for decades, our...
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    • A Broader Mix of Housing, and Then Some

      Recently, Ann Golob and Nancy Rauch-Douzinas, both from the Long Island Index, wrote individual op-eds on Long Island’s housing mix that appeared on the pages of LIBN and in the Huffington Post. The pieces, like many before them, argue that the key to Long Island’s future is diversity in housing options. Differentiating these...
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    • The Foggiest Idea in Newsday: January 9, 2015

      The following Letter to the Editor was published in the January 9, 2015 edition of Newsday on page A34. The online letter can be read here. While it’s notable that Long Island is moving forward on some of its larger-scale, transformative projects, caution should still be taken in celebrating the...
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    • A Zero-Sum Game

      It seems 2015 is hitting the ground running, with influential Long Islanders touting the need for more apartments, more sewers and the need to keep the region’s young people “downtown.” From the comments of panelists, predictions to media by industry people and editorials, it seems that Long Islanders are on...
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    • The Big Questions of 2014

      This was a busy year on Long Island. From pending megaprojects in Islip to the ever-changing roles of IDAs, the region is looking at a transformative 2015. Will Long Islanders learn from 2014 and it’s common themes? All too often throughout 2014, the solutions Long Islanders are given to economic stagnation were tailored...
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I am a Long Islander who shares my passion with the rest of the Island.

The goal of my writing is to put both my education and experience in land use to work. I feel that Long Island’s residents are the most important resource this region has. Long Island has complex challenges that unfortunately, have been the status quo for decades.

In 2010, I set out to create a public resource for information on Long Island’s land use issues, available to all who are interested. The Foggiest Idea was created to provide simple, easily approachable insights to Long Island’s complex issues.


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