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The Foggiest Idea Wins First Place Prize at the 2023 Press Club of Long Island Media Awards for Extreme Weather Coverage
Storm and Policy Coverage Wins Recognition from Media Industry Peers

Long Island, NY (June 16, 2023) – For the first time in it’s history, The Foggiest Idea was recognized for it’s coverage of severe weather and extreme storm events by the Press Club of Long Island.

The recognition was given during the 2023 Press Club of Long Island Media Awards in the form of a first place prize in the Weather – Narrative category. The organization recognized “Sandy’s Biggest Legacy – Better Forecasts,” an article which captured the lasting policy implications of Superstorm Sandy’s 2012 landfall.

The storm, one of the most devastating to hit New York metro region in recent history, fundamentally transformed the way that federal agencies communicate public warnings concerning complex tropical systems in the northeast.

Thanks to the nuanced insights from both Craig Allen, Chief Meteorologist on WCBS News Radio 880 and Ross Dickman, the Meteorologist-in-Charge for the National Weather Service, as well as the policy research that The Foggiest Idea is known for, the resulting November 2022 article was one of the most impactful pieces published on the site in terms of readership. Allen won numerous honors at the Press Club event for his own storm coverage on WCBS News Radio 880.

Murdocco’s reported and opinion work on the real estate, economic, and environmental sectors is frequently read by those who are influential in policy circles, including elected officials, real estate developers, policymakers, civic leaders, and journalists. The Press Club of Long Island has recognized both The Foggiest Idea‘s journalistic work and digital design on numerous occasions since 2017.

Awards won by Richard Murdocco of the Foggiest Idea

Pictured: The latest recognition is the first time TFI‘s storm coverage has been honored. (Photo Credit: Richard Murdocco/The Foggiest Idea)

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The Foggiest Idea Inc. was founded by Richard Murdocco in 2010 with the goal of making principles of real estate development accessible to both residents and elected officials. Since it’s launch, The Foggiest Idea has grown into the New York metro region’s premier resource on land use, real estate development, and public policy. Murdocco’s collection of published work and media appearances can be found at

About Richard Murdocco:

Richard Murdocco is an award-winning columnist who regularly writes on real estate development, and his by-line regularly appears in multiple local, regional, and national publications. Aside from his extensive written body of work on developmental matters, Murdocco serves as an adjunct professor in Stony Brook University’s School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences and within the Department of Political Science’s Public Policy Graduate Program in the College of Arts and Sciences, and regularly lectures on planning and policy-related matters in communities across Long Island.