The following comments were submitted on June 10, 2019 to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. Interested in supporting The Foggiest Idea’s award-winning reporting and analysis? Click here.

To the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation –

My name is Richard Murdocco, and I am writing to support New York State’s proposed efforts to contain the polluted groundwaters that are spreading from the former Northrop Grumman and U.S. Navy facilities in Bethpage.

As part of the research process for its award-winning body of work on Long Island’s environmental and development issues, The Foggiest Idea regularly reviews the policy actions taken by local, state, and federal governments that impact communities throughout Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

For too long, residents have been negatively impacted by the toxic echoes of Long Island’s industrial past.

With New York State moving to take definitive action on this longstanding environmental problem in Bethpage, contamination from the Grumman site will no longer expand across some of the densest residential communities both mid-Island and on the South Shore. By taking action, New York State will also effectively prohibit this toxic plume from negatively impacting the waters of the Great South Bay in future years, an added benefit.

While the state’s proposed efforts and methodology are sound, The Foggiest Idea recommends the pursuit of New York State’s preferred option, with a more aggressive timeline for complete remediation. While the method of containment, treatment, and total costs in addressing the plume are likely to be debated, there is no argument that the effort itself is worthwhile and sound planning.

The Foggiest Idea supports the clean-up, and hopes that more aggressive remedial actions are taken at other contaminated sites across the Long Island.

Sincerely –

Richard Murdocco
The Foggiest Idea Inc.