Recently, I appeared on Karin Caro’s “The Daily Blu,” an online program that interviews Long Islanders on a variety of topics.

My discussion focused on my work with my website,, and the segment I started, entitled The Foggiest Five, in which I ask influential Long Islanders five questions concerning our region’s future. The response to the feature has been very positive. To date, I’ve featured municipal officials, appointees, members of the business community, professors and have more guests coming in the future weeks.

In the interview with Karin, I touched upon how there seems to be agreement across the people featured concerning our greatest regional challenges. To nobody’s surprise, participants note our region’s high taxes, abundance of traffic and the challenge of maintaining Long Island’s quality of life. While everybody seems to agree on our problems, the solutions proposed vary from a deeper embrace of multi-family housing to clustering development in order to preserve more land to facilitate water protection.

Overall, Long Island’s challenge is not just to identify our problems, but propose workable, realistic solutions. These diverse proposed answers highlight the need for leadership on the regional level. The interview is embedded below.

If you have any questions on the topics discussed, or are interested in answering The Foggiest Five, feel free to reach out on FacebookTwitter or email me at