The following excerpt is from an article by Carl MacGowan that was published in the Thursday, January 13th, 2022 edition of Newsday on page A24. You can read the entire piece here.

Rich Murdocco, a Stony Brook University adjunct planning professor, questioned adding new development around the train stop, noting proposals to eventually move the station west.

“Does ridership at that station justify its status as a transit-oriented hub? How many Long Islanders and residents of that area are taking the train from Port Jefferson west?” said Murdocco, who writes The Foggiest Idea, an online blog about development. “I do not see the trends pointing to this area being a huge transit hub. That is not to say, though, there should not be development in the area.”

You can read the rest of the piece from MacGowan here.

An article in Newsday that showcases Richard Murdocco's perspective on a pressing real estate matter in Upper Port Jefferson.