A recent LongIsland.com piece entitled “Rauch Foundation Releases Latest Long Island Index Report; Are We Better Off Then We Were a Year Ago?” cited my work  on the subject. You can read the entire piece here.

Long Island Index notes that 72 percent of residents surveyed said that young people leaving Long Island is an “extremely serious” problem; in contrast, just 44 percent of NJ residents share this concern about their young people leaving, driving home just how bad things are getting on Long Island. And while one of the solutions that the Long Island Index proposes to counter the issue is to build more housing and rental units en masse, which they claim will drive down the cost of living; however, a recent article written by Rich Murdocco of the Long Island Press counters that claim, noting that the creation of more housing units in the boroughs of Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan failed to make them any more affordable. More realistically, Murdocco said, affordable housing units are made via tax subsidies utilized by public-private partnerships.