The following was my response to the 4.26.13 Cablevision Editorial “Water” We Going to Do, which can be viewed here

The approach taken by Long Island’s environmentalists to protect our aquifer system is laudable, but I fear the effort will be mired down in “business-as-usual” politics. We do not need a Long Island Water Planning Board, governed by County Executives and other policymakers. 
Regional water protection is too important a cause to be championed by policymakers who helped get us into this mess to begin with. What is needed is a revitalized Long Island Regional Planning Board that is separate from the political milieu of stakeholders and special interests. 
This entity can have the political clout to protect our aquifers, using previous studies as the foundation of their efforts. Further, the group can help nurture job growth and innovation, explore the integration of affordable housing and allow for a comprehensive approach to Long Island’s regional woes. Water protection is just one important piece of the puzzle that we must address. We must stop creating solutions piecemeal and start to broaden our scope. 
Thank you,
Richard Murdocco