I would like to say that I have really appreciated the outpouring of support that has been shown both on this page, and across Long Island as a whole. Often, life throws us a curveball, for better or worse. In an age where smart phones and iPads replace true one on one interaction, it is amazing to see neighbors, friends, families and communities banding together to work for the better good and help those in need. People often mock Long Island, and talk about leaving the area for New York City or areas with lower taxes and more to do.

What is often overlooked is the strength of the communities that compose the region. I, for one, am thrilled to share this Island with so many wonderful people, and am proud to call myself a Long Islander. I look forward to raising my family here, and starting a life, knowing that there is a both a deep sense of community and pride in Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

The goal of the Foggiest Idea is to provide sound, accurate information on Long Island’s land use and policy. I want to share my education and experience with the public in a manner that is both approachable and understandable to those who work outside of the policy arena. On @TheFoggiestIdea, I share my opinions, facts and knowledge gained from my experiences professionally.

Over the last few months, both my readership and following have grown immensely, surpassing 6,000 views on the blog, and 300 followers on Twitter. I sincerely hope that the information presented both on the blog and on Twitter has helped Long Islanders become more informed, and in turn, be more involved with the civic process. Sandy has shown us the need for accurate, up to date information, and I am honored you all have chosen the Foggiest Idea as a source.

When we rebuild, we must do so wisely, learning from both Sandy and Irene. Even as the lights and heat come on, and the papers focus on other stories, do not forget the hundreds of thousands along the coast who lost everything. We will rebuild, but the only way we will do so is together.

Thank you-

Rich Murdocco